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Crossing Turkey-Georgia Border Overland from Aktas | My horrible experience

by VV
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Aktas Border Gate is the 3rd overland border crossing between Turkey and Georgia. I crossed this border in September 2018 after completing a 3-week long trip in Turkey. Based on my experience I have shared a few important information for anyone who is planning to cross the Georgia and Turkey border on foot.

Turkey-Georgia border crossings

There are Three land border crossing between Turkey and Georgia.
1. Batumi – Sarpi
2. Posof – Vale
3. Aktas – Kartsakhi

Batumi border crossing

Of these, Batumi border crossing is the most popular one. Batumi is the second largest city in Georgia. Most of the tourists use this point to cross the Turkey-Georgia border overland. This route is good for backpackers and Hitchhikers like me as there are plenty of buses and other transportation available on this stretch.

Posof Vale Border crossing

Posof is a town in Turkey and Vale in Georgia. This border crossing is another alternative. Akhaltsikhe is the nearest major town in Georgia. A seat in Marshrutka/bus from Akhaltsikhe to Tbilisi will cost around 10 Lari.  This border crossing is said not be as popular as Batumi border crossing is.

Aktas border crossing

Aktas border gate was opened in 2015. I took this border gate to cross the Turkey-Georgia border. The nearest towns are Çıldır in Turkey and Akhalkalaki in Georgia. Chances of getting a ride for hitchhikers are very few on this border as there are very few vehicles on this stretch. However, the landscape is simply beautiful. Watch the video to get the glimpse.

Location of Aktas Border Gate

How to reach Aktas border gate

Either hire a vehicle or hitchhike to reach the Aktas border crossing as the number of vehicles plying on this road are very less. In Turkey, the nearest town Çıldır is located on the highway so there won’t be any problem to reach Çıldır if you are coming anywhere from Turkey. I came from Savsat, Artvin. If you love nature and landscapes, you must try this road. Same applies to the Georgian side. Kartsakhi is the last village on the Georgian side and Akhalkalaki town is located on a highway.

Aktas border gate timings

Aktas border gate is open 24 hours as per the information provided by the officials at this border crossing. Hitchhikers should plan to cross the border in the day time for maximising their chance of getting a ride.


There are lounges on both the sides of Aktas border gate. Turkey offers facilities like Duty-free zone, Prayer room, baby care room, currency exchange and other basics like toilet and water. Same applies to the Georgian side. I exchanged Turkish Lira for Georgian Lari. Free water and toilets are available for visitors.

How is the immigration process

As I was entering Georgia, Turkey was super-easy. However, the experience I had with the Georgian immigration authorities was the most time taking and tiring I ever had. It took more than an hour to complete the immigration and customs formalities at the Georgian border control due to over-suspicious officials. By the way, I hold an Indian passport.

How I travelled from Aktas border to Tbilisi

Video 1 – Aktas border village to Borjomi

Video 2 –  Borjomi to Tbilisi (coming up)

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