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No Test & Go, No RTPCR for Thailand: New Update

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No RTPCR for Thailand


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No SHA hotels, No Test & Go, No RTPCR for Thailand. Finally, now you can visit Thailand without booking the expensive SHA hotels or Test & Go package. Just arrive in Thailand and go wherever you want, stay in any hostel or wherever you want. The Thailand government has made a few announcements today. 

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From 1st May 2022

New change effective from 1st May 2022

The new changes announced by the Thai government will be effective from 1st May. Till then passengers would have to go buy the Test and Go package which includes a 1-night stay in an expensive SHA ++ hotel and the cost of a post-arrival PCR test.

RTPCR Test or Antigen Test in Thailand?

Although the No RTPCR for Thailand is only applicable to the vaccinated passengers. from 1st May passengers won’t be required for the post-arrival RTPCR test. The government has asked the passengers to opt for a voluntarily self-administered Antigen test. The Pre-departure test was already removed.

Documents to enter Thailand after 1st May 

  1. Thai Pass registration (Can be used before or after 7 days of the date mentioned on Thai pass)
  2. Insurance (10,000 USD)
  3. Vaccination proof
  4. Negative RTPCR (72 hours before the journey) for Unvaccinated passengers
  5. Sticker Visa or Visa on Arrival
  6. Return or onward flight ticket

Thailand trip for unvaccinated tourists 

From 1st May 2022, Thailand will also allow tourists who are unvaccinated. Although they have to produce a Negative RTPCR report. The test should be taken 72 hours before the start of the journey. Those who don’t have a Covid test report will have to go for a mandatory 5-day quarantine in a hotel.

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