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My first day in Cairo, Egypt

by VV
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This video is based on the experiences I had on my first day in Cairo, the capital city of Egypt. I went to the Ramses railway station to buy tickets to Luxor. There are a lot of trains to Luxor from Cairo. Though getting a train ticket in Egypt is a task. This is what I experienced, and hence I decided to go by bus.

Cairo to Luxor: Bus or Train!

A local Egyptian helped me to understand the basics of Egyptian railways. I also tried to get a train ticket from the ticket vending machine at the Ramses train station, but it was not working. Thereafter, the local friend took me to the nearby bus station operated by Superjet bus. I bought a bus ticket to Luxor. Cairo to Luxor bus ticket costs 140 LE.

Khane Khalili market

Thereafter, I went to Khane Khalili market. Saw the local art and crafts. Relished Pancakes. While coming back to my hostel, I also visited the Zakariya Ahmed street which is near Ataba metro station, another happening place in Cairo.

Travel apps

In this video, I have shared tips to use Google Maps and Google trips, two very helpful mobile applications for travellers. I searched for a restaurant and things to do in Cairo by using Google Trips app.

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