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China visa for Indians : How to get ?

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China visa for Indians


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Contributed by – Shubham Kumar Panjyara
Getting China’s visa for Indians is not tough. Usually, it gets processed in 3-4 working days. I didn’t take help of any travel agent. At first, I called the Chinese consulate in Kolkata to get information on visa formalities. They said that tourist visa applications are not accepted directly by the consulate. Applications have to come through the ‘China Visa application service centre’, which is operated by VFS.

visaforchina.org is the only OFFICIAL WEBSITE for getting a Chinese visa

Documents required for Chinese tourist visa for Indians

  1. Passport with atleast six-months validity
  2. Photograph .5 x 4.5 cm
  3. Visa application form (official link to Download)
  4. Hotel bookings, (Use booking tool on this page for bookings without advance payment)
  5. Flight reservation. I gave them a dummy flight ticket. (How I got a dummy flight ticket for Chinese visa)
  6. Day to day itinerary
  7. Covering letter
  8. Bank statement (minimum balance of 1.6 lakh Rs. / a sponsorship letter, if someone sponsors you)
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China Visa fee

  • Normal: Rs 3900 + 1652 (VFS charge)
  • Express: Rs 3900 + 1800 (express charge) + 2487(VFS charge)

You have to pay the visa fee on the day of collection of your passport, i.e. you are not required to pay while applying for the visa. In case of visa rejection, you will get all the money back except VFS charge.

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Quick Facts

  • Single entry Visa will be valid for 3 Month with 30 days entry period
  • The normal visa application takes 4 working day including the day of submission
  • Express visa application will take 2 working days including the day of submission.

Don’t go through any local agent, going through an agent doesn’t give you surety of getting a visa.

Hotel/Hostel booking tool

You can use this map to book hotels on a preferred location. Some of these hotels can be booked without payment in advance or even without a credit card.


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