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How I found the cheapest Tourist Mobile Sim in Canada

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On my first day in Toronto , I went out of my hotel to find a mobile sim. Being a tourist my primary requirement was internet data. I went to Eaton centre which is a big shopping mall on the famous Dundas square in Toronto Downtown.  So if you are looking for a mobile sim in Canada, my experience may help you.

Mobile networks in Canada

Some of the popular mobile service providers in Canada are Rogers Wireless, Bell, Telus, Chatr Mobile, Cityfone, Virgin Mobile, Lucky Mobile,  Koodo Mobile, Public Mobile, Freedom Mobile, etc. Of them, Bell, Telus and Rogers are the three major telecom companies. Others are MVNOs or resellers which do not own spectrum or network infrastructure and buy them from the major companies and resell to the end customers.

Cheapest mobile network with maximum internet data in Canada

As I was looking for a service provider which offers maximum internet data in less money, I found Lucky mobile suited my requirements. Cost of Lucky mobile sim was around 45 Canadian Dollars (around 2,300 Indian Rupees) including taxes. In this value I got 5 GB of internet data, Unlimited Free calls in Canada. My Mobile Samsung Galaxy S7, bought from India was compatible with the network.

What else in this video

I arrived in Toronto from Niagara falls in the evening. Checked in the Hotel Chelsea which is one of the Star Hotels in downtown Toronto. Visited Dundas Square & Toronto Eaton Centre. After buying the mobile sim I visited the famous CN Tower which used to be the world’s tallest tower. Watch this video to see my experience of buying a mobile sim in Canada, the famous Christmas market of Toronto & get information on CN Tower entry tickets and timings.

Visiting Niagara Falls from Canada


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