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Workaway & Worldpackers 20$ Promo Code ‘MOUNTAINTREKKER’ | Travel the world for free

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Worldpackers Promo Code 'MOUNTAINTREKKER'
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Apply Worldpackers Promo Code ‘MOUNTAINTREKKER’ to get a discount of atleast 20 USD on your yearly subscription fee (Update: 10 USD from 15 Feb 2021). This one-time subscription fee can help you avail any number of volunteering opportunities around the world listed on Worldpackers.com. You can click here to directly get the discounted rate on Worldpackers.com. If you are still struggling to know about Worldpackers or the whole concept of volunteering, please keep reading.

Volunteering for budget travelling

Volunteering is a wonderful concept for travelling. You not only get to travel on a budget (or sometimes even free), but also get the most authentic experience of travelling as you stay with locals, get to know about their culture and lifestyle and also indulge in social activities with them. So in simple terms, it is about exchanging your skills for free accommodation and food as far as budget is concerned.

Workaway Referral link - https://bit.ly/MTworkaway
Worldpackers Referral link - http://bit.ly/MTvolunteering

Other benefits of Volunteering

Volunteering while travelling offers life-changing travel experiences. It not only offers opportunities to learn new skills but also to contribute to society. I worked on farms in Kyrgyzstan and learnt to harvest vegetables. This was my first time ever to work on a farm. I taught school kids in Central Asia and this experience gave me immense satisfaction. I also worked in a hostel in Bishkek, the capital city Kyrgyzstan.  The best part is that you don’t have to pay to learn new skills, instead, you get free accommodation and even food.

Worldkpackers: Help others to travel the world for free

Worldpackers is an online platform which connects volunteering opportunities with volunteers. These opportunities are available all over the world. One can see them freely available on the website, but to contact the hosts (volunteering opportunity provider) you have to pay a yearly subscription amount of 49 USD to the website. You can apply the discount code ‘MOUNTAINTREKKER‘ to get atleast 20 USD off on the yearly subscription fees.

How does Worldpackers work!

I have recently made a video on how it works. Watch this video for more details. In short, you have to help a few hours a day in return for accommodation for free and even food sometimes.

Types of Volunteering opportunities

Volunteering opportunities are generally available in Hostels, Farms, Schools, NGOs & Communities. You can help the hosts in exchange for a free stay, food and other benefits. Volunteering in India while travelling is also possible now as many opportunities are available on internet platforms.  So during your next vacation or backpacking trip, you can use online platforms like Worldpackers to travel the world differently with almost no money. Don’t forget to apply the  Promo Code on Worldpackers – ‘MOUNTAINTREKKER’ to get the discount & referral link – https://bit.ly/MTworkaway – when you pay the subscription fee on Workaway. org

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