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Easiest way of Making Money with your Travel videos

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Making Money with your Travel videos
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A lot of people have come up on YouTube to share their travel experiences or information. Most of them start their channel to make money as YouTube videos are a great source of income. However, a lot of people quit very early because of the stringent policies by YouTube which requires a certain number of subscribers, watch time, proper compliance with the guidelines and then setting up an Adsense account. This makes the whole YouTube journey arduous and a lot of people just give up. But here is the easiest way of making money with your travel videos on YouTube. 

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Fastest & Easiest way of Earning through YouTube videos

What if you can earn by making videos right from day-1! It is very much possible now. Publish your content on ‘Tourist Helpline’ and start earning money. So, now no need to wait endlessly for getting your YouTube channel monetized. 

How can I earn money by making travel videos?

You can share your travel videos for the ‘TouristHelpline’ YouTube channel. Your video starts earning from the day it gets published.  

What is the process of sharing my videos for ‘Tourist Helpline’?

Send an email with the link of your unpublished video. Remember, it should not be published anywhere. Once you submit your video, it would go through a screening process before it gets published on the ‘Tourist Helpline’ YouTube channel. 

What is the email address for sharing my video link?

[email protected] 

What type of travel video should I make?

A video can be based on travel information, news, update, experience or anything interesting, but related to travel and allied activities. 

How many videos can I share?

As many as you can. The more you share and the more they get popular, the more you earn. 

How much can I earn through my Travel videos?

People earn millions by just sharing video content on YouTube, etc. If your video has the right content that people are looking for, if it gets popular at the right time… the sky is the limit. Although just to be transparent with you, whatever revenue YouTube pays finally on your video, you get the 70% of it, right from the day-1. 

When will I get paid?

Just like YouTube does, as long as your total balance has reached the payment threshold, your earnings gets transferred to your bank account. 

How to start Making Money with your Travel videos?

  • Start sharing the links of your unpublished videos at [email protected]. Once they get approved, they will be published on Tourist Helpline YouTube channel. Share them and start earning. 

Can I start my YouTube career like this?

Yes. In fact this is the perfect opportunity to start a YouTube career, as the creator starts earning from their first video starts earning.     

Can I leave this contract at a later stage?

We like Freedom. So, there is no contract. The only clause is – you can’t publish the same video anywhere else, as it is also a YouTube policy. 
Join whenever you want, leave whenever you feel. Consider this a launching pad of your YouTube career. So isn’t this the easiest way of Making Money with your Travel videos!

For any queries, please send your mail at [email protected]


Hindan Chatterjee April 4, 2022 - 4:49 pm

Amazing initiative.

Yousuf April 4, 2022 - 11:56 am

Bhutan is open in 3rd April 2022 for tourism please reply my channel name is nomadic world

Yousuf April 4, 2022 - 11:55 am

Burma is open tourism on 3rd April 2022 reply me I am waiting


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