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I flew from India to Egypt (& back) in 17,000 Rupees

by VV
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Thanks to the travel portals like Skyscanner, Kayak, Momondo & this tool which helped me to find a cheap flight from India to Egypt. I paid 17,000 Indian Rupees for a flight ticket from Delhi to Alexandria and back.

Why Alexandria, Not Cairo!

I have given a reason in the video for not choosing Cairo, the capital city of Egypt as my destination airport. Despite there are more flight operations from Cairo than Alexandria, I decided to opt for Alexandria, because of the itinerary suggested by the travel portals.

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Jeddah Airport Review

My itinerary had a long layover at Jeddah Airport in Saudi Arabia. So for me travelling from India to Egypt via Saudi Arabia was cheaper. However, my experience was not good at the Jeddah airport. No wifi, no free water, less charging points, less comfortable recliner seats, filthy toilets and over-crowded airport were disappointing. Though there are some hacks available, which I have suggested in the video.

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