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Egypt: Vegetarian food | Mobile Sim | Local transport | Hostels

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It was not that difficult to find vegetarian food in Egypt as it was in most of the South-East Asian countries. In these two videos, I have shared information about vegetarian food, how to get a mobile sim in Egypt, Local transportation in Giza and hassles which a tourist may face in Egypt.

Vegetarian food in Egypt

I was served Egyptian fool beans during my flight between Jeddah to Alexandria. I liked it so much that most of the time during my week-long trip in Egypt, I had fool beans with the traditional bread/roti called Aish. There are a lot of other options for vegetarians. E.g., Koshari, which is also said to be the national dish of Egypt can also be made without non-vegetarian ingredients. Falafel is another vegetarian dish which is also quite popular in many other countries. Watch this travel series for more videos which will show you what I ate in other places in Egypt.

According to the information provided by the hostel staff, there are a few Indian restaurants in Cairo, Giza and major tourist destinations like Alexandria & Luxor.

Cost of vegetarian food in Giza

I went to a local restaurant called El Gizawy. There are a lot of other restaurants near the Giza Pyramids. I had a few Aish, Falafel, Fool and two other vegetarian dishes for 15 LE which is equivalent to 55 Indian Rupees. The quantity was much so I had the same meal two times.

Tourist Sim in Egypt

Talking about the best mobile network in Egypt, I chose to buy Vodafone as suggested by many locals. The sim cost me 150 LE. There are other mobile networks like Etisalat, Orange (formerly Mobinil) and We (Government owned).

  • Sim Cost – 150 LE
  • Validity – 1 month
  • Internet data – 3.5 GB
  • Talktime – 25 minutes

Documents required to get a mobile sim in Egypt

I was not asked any document to purchase a mobile sim in Egypt. The shopkeeper just asked for money, and he gave me a pre-activated prepaid mobile sim.

Local transport in Giza

Public buses are the cheapest mode of transportation in Cairo and Giza. As per the fellow local passengers the bus fare range from 1 to 5 LE. Minibuses are also another option. Giza and Cairo are also connected with an underground Metro train. Apart from the regular taxis, you can book Uber cabs in Cairo, Giza and other major cities of Egypt.

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