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Watch this before visiting Aizawl, Mizoram

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This video is about my first day’s experience of visiting Aizawl, the capital city of Mizoram. I hopped on local buses, took shared taxis, hitchhiked and interacted with the locals in Aizawl. I am sharing the information which can be helpful for any tourist visiting Aizawl.

Aizawl Airport

At the beginning of the video, I have shared information regarding the public transport between Lengpui Airport to Aizawl. There is no airport in Aizawl city. The nearest airport is in Lengpui village. Distance from Lengpui airport to Aizawl distance is 33 kilometres. There are no public buses between the airport and Aizawl city. The only option is to hire a taxi. Usually, there are two options. Small cars like Alto or Eon & SUVs like Bolero, Scorpio or Sumo. Most of the prepaid cars are the small cars. SUVs run on a rental basis. I am sharing the charges for both of them. I landed in Lengpui on a Sunday and usually it is difficult to get rental cars on Sundays. So if you want to rent a car and landing on a Sunday, better to call a travel agency.

  • Lengpui airport to Aizawl Sumo fare – 2000-2500 Rs
  • Lengpui airport to Aizawl Prepaid taxi fare/Small cars – 1000-1200 Rs

Hotels in Aizawl

I stayed in a Government guest house in Aizawl. The tourism department of Mizoram Government owns it and hence any tourist can stay there. Bookings are done on-phone on first come first served basis. The guesthouse is situated in Chaltlang area of Aizawl city and hence called ‘Tourist lodge Chaltlang’.

Check this box for private hotels in Aizawl

Vegetarian food in Mizoram

I will share information in the next videos about vegetarian food in Mizoram. My entire family is vegetarian, so I was quite apprehensive about getting vegetarian food in Aizawl. But Chaltlang tourist lodge offered us a very nice ‘home-made’ vegetarian meals. The rates are also quite reasonable. Watch the video for more details on the food rates.

  • Chaltlang tourist lodge phone – 03892341083, 03892346589,  03892346422
  • Room tariff in Chaltlang tourist lodge – start from 600 to 2500 Rs.
  • Vegetarian food available – Yes

Experiencing the public transport in Aizawl

On the next day, I used the public transportation to explore Aizawl. The most popular ones are the minibuses and the small cars (Maruti 800). You can share the fare of a taxi in Aizawl on a ‘contri’ basis. That means you don’t have to pay the full fare of a taxi if some other passenger is also using the cab.

  • Aizawl minibus fare = 5 Rs minimum

Aizawl Traffic jams

Getting stuck in traffic jams in Aizawl is a nightmare. We lost a lot of time during our trip in these traffic jams. The roads of the hilly city feel narrow in comparison to an exceptionally high volume of traffic. So if you are a solo traveller, then the best way is to hire a bike taxi.

Bike taxi in Aizawl

The best way to travel in Aizawl is to hire a two-wheeler taxi. You can identify the bike taxi drivers by their Yellow helmet. I was told that they charge Rs 10 for the first kilometre and then 5 for every subsequent kilometre.

Mobile network in Aizawl

During the stay, we used Airtel, BSNL, Jio and Vodafone mobile networks. All of them were ok. Jio & Airtel’s Internet speed was poor while uploading videos on youtube. Almost took a day to upload 1GB of internet data. Didn’t use BSNL and Vodafone’s internet.

In this video, you will get to learn how to say thanks in Mizo language which is a must for everyone visiting Aizawl. Also, you will see a glimpse of traffic sense, gender equality, cleanliness and overall culture of the Mizos.

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