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Video : My first hitchhike in Europe

by VV
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This video is about my first hitchhike in Europe which I did in October 2016 in the Czech Republic. I had many apprehensions before this, but thanks to my friend Mat, who was my host in Hodonin (Moravia). He gave me some tips on hitchhiking which helped me during the trip. After this experience, I covered almost the entire trip doing hitchhiking. This made my trip more exciting, adventurous and very cheap. I ended up spending less than 140 Euros on the entire trip of 16 days in Europe. This covered my traveling, stay and food expenses.  Read this post to know how?

My overall experience of Hitchhiking on this trip

After this hitchhiking experience, I tried it everywhere. I met a lot of wonderful people while traveling this way. Though sometimes language was a problem in Czech and Austria, but as it is said ‘Language is not the barrier, the heart is‘. It always took some time to explain ‘who I am’ and ‘where do I need to go’, but thereafter our conversations used to become very friendly. One of such person was Stephen who was traveling to his hometown in Veselí nad Moravou, but he took a detour to drop me at Strážnice, the place where I wanted to go. I got to travel in a truck and also an ultra-advanced model of Mercedes car with a Czech-Russian gentleman

Though it was not always easy to hitchhike. I was dropped by a person near a railway station but the train had already left. Then I had to walk for about 4 kilometers to reach near a gas station (Petrol Pump) on the highway. Even there I had to wait for more than an hour struggling in the chilly winds to get a free lift. Due to the language differences, Once an old  man misunderstood my destination and dropped me to a completely different location. But I believe that such uncertainties are the beauty of traveling this way. (watch this video here)

So this is how my first hitchhike in Europe helped me to learn another way to travel the world in more exciting and cheaper way. Thanks, old man :)

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