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Useful travel apps for Europe

by VV
Mikulov Palace, Czech Republic
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I think a smartphone is the best companion during a trip to a foreign land. Besides booking an accommodation and finding a transport, these apps also helped me to find the Czech translations of Cheese, Milk and Bread for a smooth shopping experience in supermarkets. This is how I could remain vegetarian for the entire trip. These apps made me learn some important phrases in local languages which helped while hitch-hiking in the countryside of South-Moravia. I could send couch request to locals to stay with them and learn about their culture and values. This is how I could manage to travel Europe for 16 days for as low as Rs. 10,000. And the best part is, I could stay in contact and share pictures with my mother at home through Whatsapp and other instant messaging apps. So read about the useful travel apps in Europe.

So here are the useful travel apps in Europe. The information is based on my experience of a backpacking trip to the Czech Republic, Austria and Slovakia in Sept.-Oct. 2016. Do comment below if you feel some vital information is missing here.

Apps I used to check transportation in Czech & Austria

  • pubtran (by seznam.cz) – suggested by a local from Prague
  • idos (by mafra) – suggested by one of my hosts in South-Moravia
  • Go Eurosuggested by an Indian I met in Prague
Go Euro is a transport finder app between one place to another with online booking of Bus & Train all across Europe  

Offline map applications

  • mapy.cz (by seznam.cz) – suggested by my host in Brno
  • Google Maps (Google Inc.)
  • maps.me (by My.com B.V) – I always use them while traveling the countryside

Useful websites for getting a cheap flight

Useful apps for language

  • Czech-English offline dict. (by Dic-o) – suggested by an Indian student studying in Olomouc, Czech
  • Google translate (Google Inc., get it offline)

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please varun ji share how to prepare covering letter, itrinanry , and other documents for applying schengen visa ..Please share samples of these documents

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Yes. I need to know this too..


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