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Typical Russian House (Apartment) Tour – DAY 8

by VV
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On the 8th day of my Russian trip, I reached Alex’s home, another Couchsurfer’s in Biysk. He lives with her friend Marina. They are a beautiful and warm-hearted couple. I wanted to stay with them, but I already had spent a lot of time in Biysk (Things to do in Biysk? Watch these videos to know how I spent time in Biysk – A trip to Belokurikha, a mountain resortHow friendly are Russians! ). So anyhow I had to leave this town today. But meanwhile, I enjoyed the hospitality of Alex and Marina. They showed me their apartment from inside. So in this video let me take you to a typical Russian house (apartment) tour.

What is Khrushchyovka?

The apartment where Alex and Marina live are called ‘Khrushchyovka.’ These houses were made in Soviet time. Almost in every city in Russia, you’ll see Khrushchyovkas. All the apartments are identical. You can read more about Khrushchyovka on Wikipedia. Here is the screenshot from Wikipedia.


Russian Couchsurfers house!

Most of the host on my Russian trip was living in Khrushchyovka. So if you are also looking for a host in Russia, you may end up staying in a Khrushchyovka. So, this video may be beneficial for everyone planning to do Couchsurfing in Russia.

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Rahul Sharma November 4, 2017 - 10:22 am

Great Video Varun….

There is some weird grrr… Sound , is that gimbal motor making noise?

Varun Vagish November 8, 2017 - 8:14 am

Thanks Rahul. Yes, the sound is from Gimbal’s motor


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