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TukTuk : Cheapest way to travel in Siem Reap

by BN
tuktuk in Siem Reap
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TukTuk in Cambodia is like Autorickshaws in India. You can’t imagine Cambodia without tuktuk.  They are really popular and essential. They are cheaper than taxis or other means of transport to travel locally. That’s why I chose a tuktuk to visit Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom and other Siem Reap temples. Finding them is not difficult. They are everywhere in Siem Reap. You just have to bargain to get the best deal. Luckily, I met Mr. Sok while finding a tuktuk for visiting Angkor Wat temple. Where everybody was charging more than 30-35 USD for a day trip, Mr Sok agreed for 22 USD (Though there was a catch which I came to know at noon). Thanks to my bargaining skills ;) and this way I managed to find the cheapest way to travel in Siem Reap.

tuktuk-in-angkor-watHow to travel in Siem Reap  

There are a lot of options to travel in Siem Reap. You can hire a bicycle, get a moped, travel by a tuktuk or take a taxi. If you have someone else to share your expenses, better hire a taxi. If you are travelling in a group, reserve a bus from any travel agencies in Siem Reap. Though I wanted to travel in Cambodian style, so I took a tuktuk.

How to get cheapest Tuktuk in Siem Reap

Angkor thom

Angkor thom entrance

Tuktuk drivers are the first one you will be welcomed by, the moment you reach this city. They are everywhere in the touristic town of Siem Reap. You see them every nook and corner of the city and everytime they see you they ask whether you need a tuktuk! Don’t lose your cool. I was searching a tuktuk for our next day visit to Angkor Wat temple complex. I met Mr. Sok near the famous Pub Street of Siam reap. After fixing the deal, he gave me his number.

Visit Angkorwat in a tuktuk

Mr. Sok arrived at the committed time in the next morning. I did not want to miss the sunrise shots in the backdrop of Angkorwat. I saw almost all the temple complexes in and around Angkor wat. While visiting temples he used to drop me outside the main gate and would wait till I came back. The time I chose was not the best season to visit Siem Reap. It was March and the days were very hot and humid. But thanks to Mr Sok, who carried water bottles for me in an icebox. I must have consumed around 6-7 litres of water that day. He did not charge me for the water.

Travel Tips

angkor pass

Angkor pass

  • No free water in Angkor wat : Better purchase water bottles before starting your Angkor wat tour, as you will not find free drinking water inside the temples in Siem Reap. There are some vendors, who sell a water bottle for 1 USD.
  • Don’t always trust your TukTuk driver : Mr. Sok was very polite and friendly to us. He also charged less than others. But during lunch, he took me to his friend’s restaurant and almost ‘insisted’ me to eat there only. The charges were high comparatively, so I refused to eat there by saying I was not hungry at that time. (Read : Things you should be aware of before coming to Siem Reap)
  • Don’t pay for using toilets : Entrance fees for Angkor Wat is 20 USD. The ticket is quite expensive. But it covers the fees for using toilets around all the temple complexes. Toilets are clean and meet international standards. People not having the ‘Angkor Pass’ are charged for using toilet facilities.  
cheapest way to travel siem reap

Mr Sok’s number

Our trip ended around 4PM and then we went back to the main town to buy a Cambodian Siem card, because getting a free wifi in Siem Reap is not easy. I also had to go to the market to buy vegetarian food and also to search for the safest bus from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh. Mr. Sok assisted me and took me to market as well. I would recommend him for budget travelling in Siem Reap. His number is mentioned in the picture.

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