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Travel the world for free! Just Volunteer

by VV
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While trekking in Cappadocia and exploring the world famous rock formations and fairy chimneys of Turkey, I met a lot of travellers from around the world. In this video, you will see me meeting a solo female traveller who shared her experience of volunteering. Watch this video to know how you can travel the world without spending a penny by just volunteering your skills.

Skills you can volunteer

Eva, the girl in the video, taught English in Cambodia. I met another female traveller from Brazil who offered her accountancy skills to a hostel in Egypt. Another Russian girl volunteered for farming in Georgia. An Australian backpacker whom I hosted a few years back in Delhi worked at a farm. The list is endless. So you just need to learn some skills and like them, you can also get a place to stay and food for free.

Websites for volunteering

There are many platforms on the internet which help volunteers finding their potential host. Eva used Workaway. Many others I met used this website to find jobs suitable for them. The Australian guy whom I referred above used Wwoof which is about organic farming. There are many others like them for eg. AupairWorld and HelpX.

My other travel series

Meeting a Volunteer Traveller while trekking in Turkey (4th Image)

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"You never really travel alone. The world is full of friends waiting to get to know you!" Met these mighty travellers, explorers while doing a hike in Cappadocia, Turkey. Shared our travel experiences. Got so inspired by them, I got several travel goals. Learnt many new things about different people, different cultures, different countries… Sometimes while travelling Solo, I really feel that our wonderful world is full of friends waiting to get to know you! And after meeting such wonderful free-spirited souls, I always feel… 'jo bhi pyar se mila, ham usi ke ho liye'… To janab, nikal padiye, akele, kyuki duniya bahut khoobsurat hai :) #MountainTrekker #SoloTravel @GoTurkeyTourism #IndianTravelVlogger #WorldisBeautiful #Travelgram #Cappadocia #Turkey #IndianTravelBlogger #SoloTraveller #TravelSolo #Travel#IndianSoloTraveller #Trekking #Hiking #Vagabond #landscapes

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