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Tourist Scams in Istanbul : Caught on Camera

by VV
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In this video, you will see a tourist scam in Istanbul . It is based on my visit to famous tourist places in Istanbul like Taksim Square, Istiklal street and Sultan Ahmet. I visited there in September 2018.

Tourist Scams in Istanbul: Istiklal Street, Taksim Square

During my visit to the Istiklal street, I was approached by two people who pretended to be a tourist. Watch this video to know how did they approached me and tried to get friendly. They asked me to join for bear, which I refused. I was already warned about this by the staff at the hostel where I stayed.

Tourist Scams in Istanbul: Sultan Ahmet

The same thing happened with me on the next day in Sultan Ahmet, another popular tourist place in Istanbul. Usually, these people target Solo tourists. After watching this video, I am sure you will come to know about Dos and Donts while travelling in Istanbul and how to handle such situations.

Other ways of Scamming Tourists in Istanbul

1. Pickpockets: Be careful in crowded places, trams and other public places in Istanbul. Keep your valuables in front of you rather hanging/keeping them at the back.

2. Selling emotions: Shopkeepers may try to sell you things by mentioning some emotional stories. Don’t get fooled.

3. Fix the prices before using their service: Do this especially if you are using a taxi. Its better to ask the price before using any service.

4. Restaurant frauds: You may have ordered for a meal, but the add-ons before the meal like Salad or some drink or a sweet may not be free. If they are serving you anything which you have not ordered, ensure the price before consuming it.

5. Drink invitations: This is the fraud which I have highlighted in this video. However, I was invited for a beer on both the instances, but you can get invitations for coffee/tea or something else.

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