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Thailand: Free stays at Police Stations for tourists

by VV
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Stay at Police stations in Thailand. This is what I did while hitchhiking there. Yes, it also helped me to save money ;) But this also gave me an opportunity to experience one of the best hospitality by a Police organisation.


During hitchhiking in Thailand (https://youtu.be/UMzBBXAJTi0), Once I had to approach a police station to seek their help. This happened in the town of Tak. Watch this video to know what happened later!

I started hitchhiking from Ayutthaya and reached Tak in the evening. In my previous videos, you can see how I reached Ayutthaya in the cheapest train (https://goo.gl/NCs71z). I visited the old city and the famous temples (https://goo.gl/EyyNjz) of Ayutthaya. I also got almost free water and cheap vegetarian food in Ayutthaya (https://goo.gl/rkRX7f). Watch this one know how I found a guesthouse for only 150 Thai Baht in Ayutthaya (https://goo.gl/2zBbF4)

Watch all the videos of my Thailand trip at – http://www.touristhelpline.com/thailand-hitchhiking-couchsurfing/

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