Home Travelogue Tashanta : Last Russian village on Mongolian border (Day 11)

Tashanta : Last Russian village on Mongolian border (Day 11)

by VV
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Tashanta is the last Russian village on Chusky Tract. It is located on the Mongolian border. This village offers some of the most incredible views of the Gobi desert. I visited this village on the Day-11 of my hitchhiking trip to Russia. Dima and Tanya took me to Tashanta in their car. Watch this video to know who are Dima and Tanya and how I met them!

Tashanta: Russia-Mongolia border

Tashanta border can be crossed overland if you hold a valid Mongolian visa. I wish I could cross the border and explore the sprawling landscapes of Mongolia. I had to catch my flight from Omsk to Delhi just after a few days. Omsk is almost 1600 kilometers away from Tashanta. As I was on a hitchhiking trip, there was no certainty of time. So I came back with Tanya and Dima to Kosh Agach to buy some souvenirs for my family.

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