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Public Transport in Rome for Tourists | Roma Pass

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This video is about how to use public transport in Rome as a tourist. I travelled on local buses, Trams & Metros in Rome. Based on my experience I have shared information on the metro, bus and tram fare, types of tickets and special passes for tourists called Roma Pass.

Types of public transport tickets in Rome

  1. BIT – Valid for 100 minutes / Cost 1.50 Euro
  2. Roma 24 – Valid for 24-hour hours / Cost 7 Euro
  3. Roma 48 – Valid for 48-hour hours / Cost 12.50 Euro
  4. Roma 72 – Valid for 72-hour hours / Cost 18 Euro
  5. Roma Pass – specially created for Tourists (many passes with different cost & validity)

Official website to buy Roma Pass

www.romapass.it is the official website to buy or get information related to Roma Pass. Tourists can take unlimited journeys in public transport in Rome and get museum tickets at a reduced price.

Rome Traffic

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