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Pamukkale – Turkey trip is incomplete without touring ‘Cotton Castle’

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Pamukkale, ‘Cotton castle’ in Turkish is a small town in Denizli province and a popular tourist attraction. This video is based on my visit to the travertines (thermal pools) of Pamukkale which is also must do activity if you are on a trip to Turkey. I have shared information on entrance fee, opening-closing time, Do’s and don’ts, touched a bit of history of Hierapolis which is an ancient city adjacent to the travertines.

How to reach Pamukkale | Cheapest and easiest way

I took a Dolmus (mini shuttle bus) from Denizli Bus terminal going to Pamukkale. Bus fare from Denizli to Pamukkale was 4 Lira in September 2018 when I took this trip.

Pictures from my Pamukkale trip

Denizli or Pamukkale!

Pamukkale is a small town and Denizli is the nearest major city.  Nearest railway station, bus terminal and airport from Pamukkale are located in Denizli city. Watch this video to know more about the location and distances between these places.

Pamukkale by train!

Denizli is the nearest train station from Pamukkale. There are trains from Istanbul to Denizli with one change at Eskisehir. Also, there are trains from Denizli to Izmir & Ankara. Denizli station or Denizli Gari is located just opposite to the Main Bus terminal of Denizli city. I have shared about it in this video.

Karahayit hot water spring near Pamukkale

In this video you see me visiting Karahayit village which is near Pamukkale. Pamukkale is a major tourist attraction, whereas Karahayit is only visited by the local tourists. I got to visit this village just because of my local host in Pamukkale. He took me and other Couchsurfing friends to the hot water springs of Karahayit. We visited Karahayit’s main market and spent some interesting time with each other.

Watch this video based on my trip to Karahayit sulphur springs

Hotel deals in Pamukkale



My other travel series

Some more pictures from Pamukkale, Turkey


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