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Malaysian tourist visa for Indians : The easiest way

by VV
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Malaysia is another country in South-East Asia which is very popular among Indian tourists. The main reasons behind this are the availability of cheap flight tickets and ease of getting the visa. In this article, I am going to explain the procedure of getting a Malaysian tourist visa for Indians.

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How to get Malaysian Tourist visa (eNTRI) online

There are two ways to get the visa online. First is E-visa and the second one is called eNTRI. During my visit to Malaysia, I opted for the eNTRI program. The process of getting the eNTRI note is so easy that anyone can do without paying to a travel agent. Now I am going to share the information on the steps to get the Malaysian tourist visa online through the eNTRI program.

 eNTRI for Malaysia: Step by step guide

  1. Visit www.windowmalaysia.my. This is the official website of the Immigration Department of Malaysia

    Malaysia eNTRI visa website

    Malaysia eNTRI visa website

  2. Click ‘I am New – Apply’ box.
  3. Fill up the online form.
  4. After registering successfully the system will send an automatic email to activate your account

    Malaysia eNTRI visa website

    System will send you on this page

  5. Check your inbox and verify the account by clicking on the hyperlink ‘click here

    Malaysia eNTRI visa website

    Email received in your inbox

  6. The system will take you to another page where you have to enter the registered email and password.

    Malaysia eNTRI visa website

    Enter registered Email and Password

  7. Now Indians have got two options. Either apply for Malaysian ‘E-visa’ or enroll for Visa waiver program called  ‘eNTRI’
  8. Opt for eNTRI
    You’ll be needed to upload following things at this stage

    1. Applicant’s photograph
    2. Scanned copy of Passport
    3. Flight booking in pdf
    4. Accommodation booking in pdf 

    Malaysia eNTRI visa website

    Opt for eNTRI

  9. Fill up the online form and choose the payment method (Visa or Master) and click next
    Online form – Lower part

    Malaysia eNTRI visa website

    Online form – Upper part

    Malaysia eNTRI visa website

    Online form – Lower part

  10. Agree to the ‘terms and conditions’
    Malaysia eNTRI visa website

    Terms and Conditions

    Malaysia eNTRI visa website


  11. On the next page, you may be asked to edit the image by using their online image editor tool. Confirm and continue.

    Malaysia eNTRI visa website

    Use Image Editor

  12. On the next page, make the payment
  13. Confirm and take the print out. This is the document which you will be required to produce at the Immigration counters while exiting India and entering Malaysia. Keep this note with you until you come back to India.

Visa Waiver program – eNTRI

  • This is not Visa on Arrival. Therefore, the applicant should ensure that they hold a valid Malaysia eNTRI note before they travel to the Malaysia.
  • This program is for Indians residing in India or abroad (except Singapore ), valid until 31st December 2018
  • Processing Fee is USD 20 (approx 1300 INR), non-refundable
  • eNTRI note is valid only for a single journey/trip not exceeding 15 days
  • The purpose of your visit must be Tourism.
  • No extension is allowed in case of eNTRI program
  • Applicants must have a return flight ticket to India, Singapore, Thailand or Brunei
  • Fill up the online registration form carefully.  Applicant will be denied entry to Malaysia if any error/dispute is found in the information provided.
  • Applicant can not re-enter Malaysia for the next 3 months using eNTRI program
  • There are certain points through which an eNTRI applicant can enter or exit Malaysia. List is provided below
By air
  • Kuala Lumpur International Airport – (KLIA & KLIA 2)
  • Penang International Airport
  • Langkawi International Airport
  • Melaka International Airport
  • Senai International Airport, Johor
  • Kuching International Airport, Sarawak
  • Miri International Airport, Sarawak
  • Kota Kinabalu International Airport, Sabah
  • Labuan International Airport, Sabah
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By land
  • Sultan Iskandar Building Immigration Checkpoint, Johor
  • Sultan Abu Bakar Checkpoint, Johor
  • Padang Besar Checkpoint, Perlis
  • Bukit Kayu Hitam Checkpoint, Kedah
  • Sungai Tujuh Immigration Checkpoint, Sarawak
  • Tedungan Immigration Checkpoint, Sarawak

Additional eNTRI Registration Terms for Indian Nationals Tourist residing in India

  • Applicant must enter Malaysia by a direct flight from India to Malaysia or may enter Malaysia via Singapore, Thailand and Brunei.

Additional eNTRI Registration Terms for Indian Nationals Expatriate residing outside India (excluding Singapore)

  • Expatriates must declare their work information and specify their expatriate category such as Professional, Business or Technical during the eNTRI registration.
  • Tourist must upload their long-term pass from the third country as proof.
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Documents needed for Immigration in Malaysia

To avoid any hassles at the Immigration counters in Malaysia, every tourist should keep the following documents at the Entry / Exit counters :

  1. eNTRI note
  2. Boarding pass
  3. Sufficient expenses (Credit cards/ATM card/Cash)
  4. Complete travel itinerary
  5. Confirmed tickets for entry and exit from Malaysia
  6. Accommodation proof

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Sundeep singh November 13, 2017 - 7:07 pm

i want to ask one thing ..my itinerary is i will arrive at klia for 2 days at hostel then melaca 2 days then i will go to penang at my relatives …. how can i show my accommodation proof in penang because i will not live in any hostel or hotel there …please help ,me

RD Prajapati October 10, 2017 - 8:56 pm

What is the difference between eVisa and eNTRI ?

Mohit Batham September 25, 2017 - 11:23 pm

Hello Varun . I am glad that you are helping out us with your experiences. I am planning to vist Maldives in Feb ’18 but I don’t know how to get the tourist Visa or anything important that can help me in entering. Although I tried to get info. but still not got any usefull information. I am confused. Need you help & suggestions..

Piyush Jain September 25, 2017 - 10:43 pm

How you manage to get Visa easily ?. Will you please help me out in this Varun Sir ?

Varun Vagish October 4, 2017 - 7:40 pm

Getting into Malaysia through eNTRI is very easy. It takes barely few minutes.

Amar Rajput January 31, 2018 - 10:11 pm

Hi varun if i go singapore and want to go malaysia for four days i have to show bus tickets both side ? And itinerary ?.
Thnks in addv


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