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5 days in Malaysia for 15000 Rupees

by VV
Malaysia for 15000 Rupees
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Author Srujan Kumar Burry
In July 2017 I travelled first time out of India. It was a budget trip to Malaysia. I spent 5 days in Malaysia for 15000 Rupees. My trip started from Vishakapatnam from 13 July to 18 July in 2017. During the total trip of 5-days and 4-nights, I visited Kuala Lumpur, Malaca, Langkawi & Penang. I got the eNTRI visa which cost 1,400 INR. For accommodation, I booked the hotels through agoda.com and used Malindo air and Skybus to travel inside Malaysia. This trip cost me around 15,400 INR, which is excluding food expenses and return airfare from India. This is how you can say its a budget trip to Malaysia.

Malaysian Visa documents

  1. photo
  2. flight tickets up and down
  3. hotel booking
  4. bank statement copy
Click to know the Malaysian visa process

Where we stayed: Hotels in Malaysia

  • le village, China town, Kuala Lumpur = 600 INR/ two persons
  • Casa banana home, Malaca city = 700 INR/ two persons
  • T-star cottage, langkawi= 650 INR/ two persons
  • Red-inn heritage hotel, Penang= 750 INR/ two persons (including breakfast)

Malaysia: Five days itinerary

Day 0

Night flight to Kuala Lumpur from Vishakapatnam at 9.30pm

Day 1

We reached Malaysia (KLIA 2). After completed our immigration process (See how is the immigration process at KLIA2 airport), we went to KL Central by sky bus (cost is 10 MYR – Malaysian Ringgit). I booked all tickets on online. After KL central we took KTM metro to Batu caves directly. From Batu caves, we went to the hotel located in China town by KTM metro. After refreshment, we visited Hindu temple, china temple, KL tower, twin tower and night market. Then we came back to the hotel at late night.

Day 2

Early morning we went to visit some temples and market. After 10 am we left Kuala Lumpur for Malaca by bus from TBS Station (Fare was 10 MYR, Duration 2.30 hours). We reached 1.00pm in Malaca after took rest. After that, we visited Malaca city, tourist places and night market. Then we started our journey at 11.30pm back to Kuala Lumpur airport by bus.

Day 3

At 3 am, we reach KLIA-1 airport. Our flight to Langkawi took off at 7.30am and we reached there at 8.30 am. Then we went hotel by UBER taxi. After refreshment, we took rental-bike (24 MYR for 24 hours). Then we rode to Langkawi sky bridge and Oriental village (sky bridge combo ticket cost is 55 MYR). Finally, we came back to our hotel at 9.30 pm. After getting refreshed we visited the night market.

Day 4

Early morning we went to the beach and Langkawi jetty. After the visit, we came back to the hotel at afternoon. Then we started our journey to Penang. From the Langkawi jetty, we took a ferry to Kuala Perlis and then a bus to Penang. We reached Penang at 6 pm. After refreshment, we visited some places and night market.
I recommend giving more time to Langkawi than other places in Malaysia.

Day 5

Next morning, after having our complimentary breakfast we started our day-trip to Street art, Down House, Museums and some other historical places. We also did shopping. After lunch, we checked out from our hotel and started return journey from Penang airport to Kuala Lumpur. Then Kuala Lumpur airport to Vishakapatnam. We reached Vishakapatnam at 9.30 pm. This way I completed my 1st international trip.

My experience of flying from Delhi to Kuala Lumpur with Malaysia Airlines

local travel cost in Malaysia

  • Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi – Malindo air- 1200 INR
  • Penang to Kuala Lumpur – Malindo air – 950 INR
  • Kuala Lumpur airport to KL  central- 150 INR
  • Kuala Lumpur to Malaca Central – 150 INR
  • Langkawi to Penang Ship and bus cost is 800 INR
  • Malaca to KLIA2 airport – 250 INR
    *all one-way fare

Malaysia trip cost

  • Flight tickets up and down – 5000 INR
  • visa cost – 1400 INR
  • Hotel  – 1500 INR
  • local travel cost – 4500 INR
  • Other activities – 1500 INR
  • Sim card + net balance- 500 INR
  • Extra charges – 1000 INR
  • Food – depends on person to person
    Total my trip cost is = 15400 INR (not includes food)

If you have any queries related to my Budget trip to Malaysia, please comment below or you can use the facebook group of Tourist Helpline


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