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Malaysia Airlines : Delhi to Bali via Kuala Lumpur

by VV
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This is the first video of the Bali travel video series. I travelled from Delhi to Bali with Malaysia Airlines. The itinerary is divided into two legs. The first flight MH191 was from Delhi to Kuala Lumpur and after a layover of 2 hours, the next flight MH715 finally took me to Denpasar, Bali. Watch the video – ‘Malaysia Airlines: Delhi to Bali via Kuala Lumpur’ to more about my experience with Malaysia Airlines, Visa on arrival in Bali, etc…

Delhi to Kuala Lumpur: Malaysia Airlines- MH191

Just like most of the international flights, MH191 was also a late night flight from Delhi. We took off from Delhi’s IGI Airport to reach Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. It was a comfortable flight of 5 hours. The aircraft was Airbus A303, a widebody aircraft. I enjoyed the in-flight entertainment, comfortable reclining seats and relished the vegetarian food. Although it would be better if the flagship carrier of Malaysia can offer more variety of food for vegetarians. The aircraft landed at KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) in the next morning.

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Kuala Lumpur to Denpasar, Bali: Malaysia Airlines- MH715

After a layover of 3 hours, my next flight was MH715 to Denpasar (Bali) in Indonesia. It took another 3 hours to reach Denpasar, Bali. Unlike the previous one, It was not a widebody aircraft. The leg space was relatively less. But rest all the services were same.

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Bali: Visa on Arrival

After reaching Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport I met all other group members with whom I was going to travel for the next 3-4 days. The first formality after landing was to get the visa. Indonesia offers visa on arrival for Indians. The best part is it does not cost anything to get the visa. Unlike Thailand, where until December 2017 the visa on arrival fees was 4000 Indian Rupees (2000 Baht), Indonesia visa is totally free. So it was a simple process of getting the visa. We just stood in the queue and got our passport stamped. So no need of getting Indonesian currency, Rupiah (IDR) before coming to Indonesia. After getting the visa and customs formalities done, you can use the ATMs or the Money exchangers to withdraw IDR.

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Zeeshan Ayaz January 12, 2018 - 8:28 pm

Sir you mean we just need to buy air tickets and fly and collect visa on arrival from destination?or some preparation to be done please reply to me sir i am bit confused!

Varun Vagish January 13, 2018 - 11:47 am

Yes, you can get the visa after arriving at the airport in Bali.

Adnan Khan December 21, 2017 - 12:09 am

Hi ,varunji..I am a huge fan of your travel and ur humbleness…i have a query,would you please tell what is cost of the package you took for Bali travel… thanks in advance..

Varun Vagish December 21, 2017 - 7:29 am

Adnan Bhai, As I have already told in my previous video (my first live) the trip was arranged by Indonesia’s tourism promotion authorities, hence I didn’t pay anything. Also, I would like to recommend, you can travel in Bali on your own. You just need to do some basic research and you are good to go without the help of a travel package.

Adnan Khan December 21, 2017 - 8:14 am

Thanks alot varunji….

Varun Vagish December 19, 2017 - 2:59 pm

Vikie, if you are travellling with the same airlines, then you don’t have to worry. You will get your luggage at the final destination.
For eg. If you are travelling from Mumbai to Bali with Malaysia Airlines with a layover at Kuala Lumpur, then your checked-in luggage which you gave at Mumbai will automatically get transferred in Kuala Lumpur to the next aircraft. This does not require any intervention of yours at KL. You’ll directly get your luggage in Bali.

Vishal Raj December 17, 2017 - 10:38 am

Hi Varun is there at airport in Indonesia we need to show hotel booking details and how much money we carry??? Please reply

Varun Vagish December 17, 2017 - 8:29 pm

No, I was not asked to produce any document to get the Indonesian visa-on-arrival in Bali. But its always better and advisable to carry enough money and proof of accommodations.

Vipul Patel December 17, 2017 - 12:15 am

I wish i could have swap me life with your…

Seems like yours job is travelling.
Cheers mate
Keep travelling and share the info.

Varun Vagish December 17, 2017 - 8:30 pm

Thanks for the compliment, Vipul :)

Debangshu Sett December 15, 2017 - 12:19 pm

Always a blessing to watch such vlogs where we can connect

Varun Vagish December 16, 2017 - 9:06 pm

Thanks Debangshu :)


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