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My last day of Hitchhiking in Russia – Day 12

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Hitchhiking in Russia is one of the best things I have ever done. This video is about the last hitchhike on my Russian trip. I travelled almost 600 kilometers from Onguday to Novosibirsk with just one break. The journey started with a gentleman who dropped me to Maima from Onguday. The distance was 56 kilometers. I had to wait for sometime for the next lift. In the meanwhile, I met few interesting people. You will see a lady staff at the petrol station tried to help me but couldn’t because of the language barrier. But the conversation with her was delightful.

Finally, I got help from Dima and Olga’s family. I travelled almost 550 kilometers with them from Maima (Altai Republic) to Novosibirsk. They were again a wonderful family. Olga left her comfortable seat for me and went to the back seat with her two beautiful daughters. Watch this video to see another generous family from Russia.

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