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Kavrun: exploring offbeat Turkey in mountains

by VV
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While travelling aimlessly in Turkey, my only aim was to meet people and venture deep into the mountains to explore the real beauty of Turkish culture and nature. This took me to the mountains of the Black Sea region where I ended up in a place called Kavrun.

Where to stay in Kavrun Yaylasi

Kavrun is a small village located at the altitude of 2350 metres in Rize province of Turkey. It is usually visited by a few day trippers or mountaineers who use it as a base for climbing the Kackar Dagi or Kackar mountain. Watch this video to see the beauty of Kavrun village. If you really feel tempted by the visuals then this video will also inform you about topics like How to reach and where to stay in Kavrun. By the way, I managed to stay in the only mosque of this village ;)

Location of Kavrun on Turkey map

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