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India in just 10 $ : Secret for cheapest train ticket!

by VV
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How to travel cheaply in India? If you are looking an answer for this, then you must watch this video. This is based on tips and tricks on the cheapest way to travel by Indian railways. You’ll come to know how to get and from where to get the cheapest train ticket in India.

Advantage of watching this video

1. You’ll be able to get the cheapest Train ticket
2. You don’t have to do advance train bookings
3. You can catch any train going towards your destination

Though there are few reasons which discourage people from travelling this way, but still this is the choice of millions of people in India and that is why Indian railways have provided this facility in every long distance trains.

Watch the video till the end as there is a money saver tip, at the end of the video.

Indian railways fare chart-  indian-railway-fare-chart-25-dec-2015

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