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How I got a Tax refund at Airport (My experience in Tbilisi, Georgia)

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I purchased a charger for my laptop from Tbilisi and got a tax refund while coming back from that country. So here I am going to share my experience of claiming the tax refund if you are travelling as a tourist in a foreign country. In many countries, foreign tourists can claim the refund for the tax they paid to the government against the things or services they purchased. Often known as Value added tax (VAT) or Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Tax refund procedure for foreign tourists

  1. Approach the tax refund counter which is mostly located at exit ports like airports, seaports or land ports.
  2. Produce the valid bill on which you are going to claim the refund.
  3. Show them your passport and visa. Keep a photocopy, you may need them.
  4. Sometimes you may be asked to show the product which you have purchased.
  5. After scrutiny Tax officials will stamp the bill and refund the tax amount or may ask to visit another counter to get the amount in cash

How did I get a Tax refund at Tbilisi Airport

While visiting Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia, I had to buy a new charger for my laptop (MacBook Air). I got a valid bill for the charger I bought from Apple’s authorised seller. The bill mentioned clearly the actual cost of the charger and the amount of tax. The charger cost me around 310 Lari which is equivalent 8070 Indian Rupees. While exiting Georgia from Tbilisi airport, I went to the tax refund counter and got the bill stamped. I was sent to a currency exchange counter which took the copy of the stamped bill and refunded around 900 Indian Rupees.

Tbilisi city to Airport bus

In this video, you can also see my journey from Georgia to Kazakhstan. I have shared information on how to reach Tbilisi airport from the city centre. So if you are looking for public transport to or from Tbilisi airport then you must watch this video. It is even cheaper than in India. Catch bus number 37 and pay just 50 Tetri, i.e less than 15 Indian Rupees to reach Tbilisi Airport.

Free internet, Currency exchange & Immigration at Tbilisi airport

In the latter part, I have shared my information on foreign currency exchange rate offered by Liberty bank at Tbilisi airport, availability of basic facilities like free water, internet, phone charging points, etc.

Air Astana: Tbilisi to Astana & Almaty

Later on, I have shared information on Air Astana’s Stopover holiday programme for Indians. Also, check how was my Air Astana flight between Tbilisi and Astana, especially have a look at the inflight vegetarian meal offered by Air Astana. Watch the transfer process from the International to Domestic terminal at Astana airport.

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