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Hitchhiking in Russia (Day 8) To Gorno-Altaysk

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Today was the 8th day of ‘hitchhiking in Russia’ trip. After a short visit to Alex and Marina’s apartment in Byisk, I started to hitchhike for Gorno-Altaysk, the capital town of Altai Republic. The total distance between Gorno Altaysk and Byisk is 108 kilometres. Thanks to Alex and Marina who dropped me on the outskirts of the Byisk town. I always choose to start hitchhiking from a point outside of the city. There are more chances of getting a lift for a long distance if you stand outside of a city or town.

Best time for hitchhiking in Russia!

The weather condition was not favourable. It was 2-degree Celsius in Byisk. The bone-chilling winds were making me sick. Already I was not keeping well for past three days. This was my first time experiencing Siberian winters. Although it was just Autumn at that time.

Couchsurfing in Gorno-Altaysk

This trip was giving me a wonderful opportunity to meet some of the beautiful people in Russia. Like other days, I was helped by many people. I reached Gorno-Altaysk in the evening where I was received by Andrey, another Couchsurfer. I stayed in his place for that night. This Couchsurfing experience was different from all previous ones in Russia. Andrey’s house was not an apartment. I was suffering from a severe headache. Initially, I had planned to stay at his place for two days, but something happened, and I felt so energetic and refreshed. Watch this video to see how was my experience on the 8th day of hitchhiking in Russia!

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Gorno-Altaysk for travellers

Gorno-Altaysk is the main town or the administrative capital of Altai Republic, a Russian province. The Altai Republic is different from Altai Krai, which is another province of Russia. It shares borders with Mongolia and has a different culture than other Russians. Hitchhikers can use Gorno-Altaysk as a place to stay or shop because this is the last Russian town where you will get all the modern facilities and gadgets. It is a beautiful town situated in the lap of Altai Mountains.

How to reach Gorno-Altaysk

Bus – There are direct buses from Novosibirsk, Barnaul, Byisk to Gorno-Altaysk.
– Rideshare app Blablacar is popular in Russia. I found many trips to Gorno-Altaysk. This was my backup plan #2.
Train – There is no train station in Gorno-Altaysk. Nearest railway station is Biysk which is 108 kilometres away.
Aiport – There is a small airport in Gorno-Altaysk located near the Highway M-52 (Novosibirsk to Tashanta, Mongolian border)

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