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Getting free drinking water and cheap food in Thailand

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Like my Europe trip in 2016, I never purchased bottled water in Thailand. Bottled water always leaves a dent on the pocket and the environment. Of course, we should always try to protect our environment all the time, even while travelling.  So how did I manage to get clean and safe drinking water? Watch this video to know the trick of getting free drinking water and cheap food in Thailand.

This video was made in Ayutthaya, the ancient capital of Thailand (Thailand was known as ‘Siam’ in that era). I reached Ayutthaya in a train which cost me just 15 baht (30 Indian Rupees) from Bangkok. I recommend this journey if you are a backpacker or budget traveller.  Train number 207 is the cheapest way to travel from Bangkok to Ayutthaya. It is an ordinary train with all 3rd class coaches. Watch this video to know how to take a train from Hua Lamphong train station in Bangkok to Ayutthaya.


You can also watch other videos in the series of 'Hitchhiking in Thailand' at this link.


How to find a cheap hotel in Thailand

After reaching Ayutthaya I started hunting for a place to stay. None of my ‘Couchsurfing’ requests was accepted that day, otherwise, I wanted to stay with locals during the whole trip. If you do not know about Couchsurfing then watch this video which I made during my Europe trip. After watching this maybe you won’t like to stay in a hotel forever. This video can give you a glimpse of what Couchsurfing is and may let you understand about one of the fantastic ways to travel.

Watch this video to know how I found a private room in Ayutthaya only for 150 Thai Baht (300 Indian Rupees) and how it looks from inside. Also, know how to get an access to somebody’s wifi for free ;)

Bangkok city tour for free

You would be glad to know that you can do Bangkok city tour for free. Travel as the locals do. Travel in the Red bus which is available for free for everyone. Watch the next 2 videos to know how I came to know about these buses and how to use them while travelling in Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand.

This was shot on day 1 of my trip in Bangkok – January 2018

This was shot on day 2 in Bangkok – January 2018

Budget airlines from India to Bangkok

If you are looking to travel on a budget to Thailand, then you must travel by budget airlines like Air Asia, Indigo & Spicejet. I travelled from Kolkata to Bangkok by Air Asia flight. It took me around 13,000 INR for a round trip, but you can get a return ticket for as low as 4,000 INR from Kochi to Bangkok. From Kolkata, the cheapest return ticket I saw was available for 8,000 INR. These tickets are available on Air Asia’s website during the offer period. Good thing is that this airline keeps coming frequently with such tempting air fares.

Watch this video to know how was my first-time experience of travelling by Air Asia. It was unique because I had heard a lot of negatives about this airlines before this trip.


How is Bangkok’s Don Mueang International Airport

If you are travelling by Air Asia flight then you will land at Don Mueang International airport in Bangkok. Spicejet, Indigo and other full fare airlines are operated from the Suvarnabhumi International airport, Bangkok.  Watch this video to know how is the Don Mueang airport and queries like –

  1. Visa on arrival at Don Mueang Airport
  2. Foreign exchange at the Don Mueang Airport
  3. Free wifi at Don Mueang Airport
  4. Mobile sim at Don Mueang Airport (But I don’t recommend to get it from the airport. Watch this)
  5. Free tourist information and free city maps at Don Mueang Airport, etc.


No money for visa! What should you do then

By the way, I forgot to share that after reaching the Bangkok I had no money to buy the visa-on-arrival. I initially planned to withdraw Thai Baht from an ATM just after landing the airport, but please be informed that all the ATMs are located on the other side of the airport building which can be accessed only after getting the visa-on-arrival and doing with all the immigration formalities. But still, I managed to get Thai cash without getting the visa. Surprised! Ok, watch this video to know how did I do that !!


A-1 bus: Bangkok Airport to city in the most comfortable way

Let me inform you about the airport bus from Don Mueang Airport to the city centre. A-1 bus fare is 30 baht and takes 30 minutes from the Don Mueang Airport to Mo Chit, the place where the bus trip gets terminated. Mo Chit is inside the Bangkok city where you can take MRT/Metro train to reach anywhere or outstation buses from the Mo Chit bus terminal.


How to get a Tourist Sim in Thailand

Unlike my Europe trip, free wifi was not available easily wherever I travelled in Thailand. So I purchased a local mobile sim. There are three major cellular network providers in Thailand. TrueMove, DTAC and AIS. You can purchase a tourist sim at the airport for 300 Baht, but I won’t recommend the airport shops. I would rather advise getting the sim from any store in the city. Watch this video to know how I got the sim from MBK centre, a mega marketplace in the city of Bangkok which a shop hopper should not miss.

Documents for getting a Tourist Sim in Bangkok 
  1. Copy of your Passport
  2. Copy of the Visa stamped on your passport
  3. Thats it. Nothing else ;)


Vegetarian food in Bangkok

I am a vegetarian. I always have to face problems in getting vegetarian food whenever I am outside the country. There are many people in India and around the world who want to travel but getting vegetarian food is a big question. But believe me, it is not that difficult. Watch this video to know how I found vegetarian breakfast on the Day 1 in Bangkok. You’ll also come to know about a beautiful couple who helped me to have my breakfast at their place.


So just step out of your home leaving all the doubts and apprehensions and meet some of the wonderful people in different parts of the world. Stick to my blog and youtube channel to know how can you travel the globe in a cheaper way!

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