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Documents for Thailand Visa on Arrival

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Thailand Visa on Arrival
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Thailand is one of the most popular travel destinations for Indians. Exotic places, cosmopolitan culture, cheap flight tickets & easy visa rules are the reason why Indians love to visit Thailand. Thanks to the Visa on Arrival facility, visiting Thailand has become a lot easier. So here I am going to share a list of documents required for Thailand Visa on arrival.

Documents Required for Thailand Visa on arrival

  • Passport (validity of not less than 6 months)
  • Photocopies of the first and last page of the passport
  • Visa application form (Click here to download, Ignore the visa fee mentioned below in the form)
  • Visa fee – 2000 Thai Currency
  • One recent photograph (4×6 cm)
  • Confirmed return or onward flight ticket (within 15 days of arrival)
  • Proof of stay (Click here to get confirmed hotel bookings)
  • Adequate funds (10,000 Baht or 21,000 Indian Rupees) per person
  • Immigration Card (Arrival & Departure Card)

The immigration officer may ask for further documents. So it is better to carry additional documents otherwise there have been cases where people were refused the visa on arrival and were sent back to their country. Additional documents can be:

  • Bank passbook or statement of last 6 months
  • Income tax return for last 3 years,
  • a travel itinerary (get help from this itinerary)
  • Travel expense (10,000 baht/person 20,000 baht/family)
Click here to download Thailand Visa on Arrival Application Form

Thailand Visa on Arrival fees for Indians

A Visa fee of 2,000 Baht (Almost 4,200 Indian Rupees) is payable once you arrive at Thailand. This fee is to be paid in Thai baht only. No other currency is accepted. So get enough Thai Baht before you start your trip to Thailand.

No money for the visa! What did I do then?

In January 2017, I arrived at the Don Mueang International Airport (DMK), I did not have Thai Baht. I planned to withdraw them from the ATM after landing at the airport. But there were no ATMs available before the Immigration counter. Check this video to know how I came out of this unfavourable situation!


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