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Couchsurfing Verification is now FREE!

by VV
Couchsurfing Verification free
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Couchsurfing verification is now free. You have to host a Couchsurfing member to get the verified status for free. A ‘verified’ member enjoys all the benefits available on Couchsurfing.com. However, the free ‘verified’ status will not last forever. To get ‘verified’ status on Couchsurfing, I paid around 45 Euro. They call it subscription fees.

Couchsurfing: How to be a verified member for free

Recently Couchsurfing has done changes in its policies.

  1. Now a member can get a verified status for three months after hosting a Couchsurfing member.
  2. The host should ‘confirm’ the couch request after ‘accepting’ it.
  3. After the stay, the guest and the host are supposed to write references for each other as ‘Host’ & ‘Guest’ and not as ‘Personal’ reference.
  4. Also, this offer can be availed only once per guest. That means hosting the same guest more than once will not yield you more benefit.
  5. Getting the ‘verified’ membership status in this way allows accrual up to 12 months of free membership.
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What is Couchsurfing!


Benefits of getting verified on Couchsurfing

According to Couchsurfing.com, there are many benefits of becoming a Verified member. I have shared the screenshot from the website. But as per my Couchsurfing experiences the most significant benefits which you get after getting a verified status are –

  1. Unlimited requests from a verified Couchsurfing profile, whereas you can send only ten requests/messages from an unverified profile
  2. Your profile will be highlighted in search results so that you have more chances of getting a guest to your place.

Here is the screenshot from Couchsurfing.com

couchsurfing benefits

couchsurfing benefits




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