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Cabin Size Luggage in India (Oct 2018)| My reviews

by VV
cabin size luggage
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A lot of people asked me about cabin size luggage. So here I am going to share a few links of bags and trolleys which airlines usually allow the passengers to carry with them in the aircraft’s cabin. Before that let me tell you about the few basics.

Difference between Cabin & checked-in baggage

The luggage which can be carried in the aircraft’s cabin is called cabin baggage, whereas passenger’s luggage which is carried by the airline in the storage area (or ‘Hold’) is called checked-in baggage. Cabin baggage is also called carry-on baggage.

Different Cabin baggage policies

wow air cabin baggage policy

wow air cabin baggage policy

Every airline has a different policy for cabin baggage dimensions and weight. So please check with the specific airline by either going through their website or calling their on-phone customer support. For eg Europe based Wow Air, a low-cost carrier which offered a promotional fare of Rs 28,000 for a return ticket from India to the USA has a strict policy for cabin baggage.

Air Asia Cabin baggage policy

Air Asia Cabin baggage policy

According to Wow Air’s cabin baggage policy, a bag’s dimension should not be more than 42x32x25 centimetres (Wow Air’s updated cabin baggage policy). Whereas popular low-cost carrier In Asia, Air Asia allows upto 56x36x23 centimetres for a cabin baggage (Air Asia’s updated cabin baggage policy). Indigo, a popular Indian low-cost carrier allows 55cm x 35cm x 25 cms for its cabin baggage. (Indigo’s updated cabin baggage policy)

Cabin size luggage – Buy online

You can buy these products online from here. But before buying please confirm the right size by contacting the specific Airlines.

Review: The bags I use !!

I have been using High Sierra’s ‘AT6 2 Wheel Duffel Trolley‘ for more than 4 years. Most of the time I was allowed to take this trolley in the cabin. However, this bag doesn’t fit a few airline’s dimensions. So, on a few occasions, I was asked by the airline staff to put it in the hold. I am happy with the sturdiness of this trolley. However, after using it on dozens of trips, I have been facing a problem with its retractable handle. Overall, I would rate this trolley 8/10.

Besides, this I recently purchased ‘SkyBags 32 litres Weekender bag‘. I took this bag on my recent trips to Mauritius, Turkey, Kazakhstan and Georgia. I use this to carry my gadgets and important papers during the trips. It is quite spacious and sturdy. However, I would have preferred if Skybags had this bag in black color also. I love black bags :). I would rate this bag 7/10.

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